About Direct Selling Association


Direct Selling business is one of the popular mode/method of selling consumer goods, financial products and services through independent sales representatives, consultants or contractors. They promote and sell the products of a leading brand or company in lieu of the commission on sales. These are not the employees of the company and they do not work from a fixed retail location.

The majority (about 70%) of the direct selling industry’s sales actually occur using a one-to-one approach where one seller may present the products or services to a single consumer.Direct selling should not be confused with other types of sales that take place away from a fixed retail location such as magazine sales, home repair services, telemarketing, wholesaling, real estate sales, or “work-from-home” businesses such as envelope stuffing or product assembly.

Direct Selling Business is booming all the year round due to its many characteristic features that may not be found otherwise. This offers the much needed flexibility and freedom and offers low risk with High Returns. With no boundaries and no discrimination Direct Selling offers the best platform even to average persons. With low start-up costs Direct Selling Business can open a whole world of new possibilities and avenues of growth for the entrepreneurs and business managers who have the guts to get to the top.

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